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Our mission is to simplify the fashion industry and provide high quality consultation, training and service thus making it easier for budding designers to get their ideas to market. We tailor our services to meet your company's specific needs and goals. Whether you are just starting out with a couple of ideas and need expert help bringing them to life or you are a bit further along in the process and require creative and technical assistance, we offer a variety of services that will help guide you to the next level. 

Bespoke, Not Only For Fashion


This week I took on the challenge of building my own custom made coffee table. I have been living in my apartment for 4 months now and the coffee table was still missing. The reason I had not gone out and bought one was simply because there was not one that I liked. Correction, the one that I did like came from a well known store called Restoration Hardware and since I didn't have $2,500 laying around I could not buy it. As a passive person who takes no for an answer occasionally, it shocked me that this time NO was not an option. I think the true test of a proving your a man's man is being dropped in the middle of the mountains of nowhere and killing bears with your bare hands and building log cabins out of twigs while drop kicking raccoon and rabbits for food, I.E. Chuck Norris, is the ultimate test of manliness. Since I don't know where the closest forest is I took the second route of building my own furniture... It's not my fault I live in NYC because I would be happy to take on the Chuck Norris wilderness challenge, though I would prepare my funeral first.

I brought together a few pieces of hard wood and built a crate style shell. From there I sand blasted the shit out of the table with my impressive arm motions and then I waltzed out of my apartment and put on some Bob Marley music while staining the wood on the sidewalk. I mean come on it's NYC, I'm sure seeing a white dude listening to Bob Marley staining wood without his shirt on, thank you Mr. Andrew Tomaszewski, on the sidewalk is on the bottom of the scale of weird shit they have seen in the city. After Staining and drying the table I went out to the chinatown plumbing supply where I attempted to speak Chinglish (Not racist because the Chinaman helping me coined that term). Basically I was speaking with my hands in short syllabled words. After a back in forth for 20 minutes and chatting about where the best noodles in town are, I bought four galvanized rustic pipe legs with end cap closures, say that 5 times fast. With a little bit of ingenuity and common sense I put the final pieces together and voila, a bespoke custom made coffee table. Proving my theory that bespoke is not only for fashion and that the circle of continuing creation is always key to keeping the mind fresh and constantly creative. A jack of all trades can also be a master at some. Now if I can only find some coasters for my ignorant house guests.

Featured Artist of the Month, Actress Gizem Mut

Gizem Mut

This month's featured artist is the classic beauty and naturally talented actress Gizem Mut. She recently was the lead of the short film "What Jennifer Taught Me" , directed by Tim Gregory. The short film portrays Jennifer, played by Gizem Mut, going through relationship woes that comes with dating an up and coming musician, played by Alex Torres. Jennifer finds herself longing for a more loving relationship and inconsequently finds herself falling for another man, Brandon Young who is also known for his main character from the hit show "The Wire". From start to finish Gizem Mut plays an incredibly convincing role that brings out the truthfulness of a crumbling relationship. Her charm and presence allows you to connect with her character as well as empathizing her situation as a "backseat girlfriend". The scene that stood out the most was when Gizem was able to profoundly portray a sadness in her eyes but covering it up with a smile on her lips. I have only seen a very few select amount of actresses pull off such a natural and human emotion. I forgot that I was even watching a film at that moment. As the short goes Gizem flawlessly convinces the viewer of her troubled relationship and the longing for something more. In the end you can see she has found what could possibly be a new love but, like in many situations that many of us can relate to the timing of a new relationship, was just not possible and leaves you wondering what happened with Gizem's character, Jennifer. A note worthy performance by Gizem combined with a great vision by director, Tim Gregory, made this one of my favorite short film's of the season and in the end what Jennifer actually taught me is that love sometimes has no words and it's the emotions that speak true volumes. Enjoy the video below of "What Jennifer Taught Me" and also check out Gizem's beautiful performance featured in Double Crossed presented by Subway


Stay Fresh in the Summer Like a Cool Cat.

 Summer time can be hot and that can be especially true for New Yorker's such as myself. 90 degree weather can be quite brutal and even worse if you have somewhere you need to go where you have to dress to the 10's. Unless you have a private driver, as most of us don't, even waiting for a cab in the heat can leave you looking like Patrick Ewing in the NBA Finals. Typical magazines will tell you opt for a linen blazer or a cotton blazer but that just doesn't do it for me. Do you really want to look like the next guy at the party who also owns a subscription to GQ? If you're like me and prefer something sharper then opt for jacket tailored in cool wool. This allows the jacket to breathe but also can be tailored perfectly to your body. You also want details that stand you out from the crowd but still make you feel classy enough that you can be yourself.

try 1.jpg

A perfect example is how I two-toned the lapels of this jacket when I designed it. It's a unique detail that really shows off your dapper style whilst looking like "you just threw it on." The key to a gentleman's style is to look the best without having to look liked you tried. True fact. Another nice detail about this jacket is the front hem. I gave it slight angle instead of the traditional curve. This is also one of those "damnnn son that's fresh" details. Not only will the guys want to be like you but the ladies will want to have you... win-win but most importantly it's about feeling good about yourself. That's why we love fashion right? With tailored jackets I always opt for two-button stand with a 4" separation between. If you can't find a 4" then any 2 button stand jacket will give you effortless style. The pop of purple is perfect for a summer night time feel that will transition you to the best dressed at dinner to the classiest at the party. Feel free to inquiry me through my email at me@johnathanwebster.com if you're looking for custom designs by me and keep reading for more style tips, including womens'. 


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